TornadoTom, basher bro, you've got a nerve talking to me. YOU DON'T OWN SHARES!

Break even has every indication that it will happen this year, I believe that this will be a dividend paying stock in the next 5-10 years, and YES, there was a buyer looking to get 600,000 shares back when I posted... If that person withdrew and accumulated at these new, lower levels, good for them -unless it's you or one of your basher team... Which it's not, because you would have gotten a voting package then, wouldn't you?

Lots of sellers, few buyers means some big people are accumulating. Look at Level II yourself...

As for misleading shareholders, dude, you own that franchise, you post-erasing, repetitious, management-bashing, oilnutz sycophant!

Who cares what Nuttal said 3 years ago? He works quarter to quarter. He had to say what he did. His BOSS, though, invested big in Wavefront, because HE is a long-term investor, not a penny-flipping weak hand like the kind of client Nuttal has in his portfolio.

And I am also a long-term investor, as I hope are all WEE shareholders. The weak volume today and all this month at these (even boarderboy agrees) low, low prices seems to confirm that I'm right about WEE's future prospects

Ane here's what I say from my perspective... You're a basher, worse than oily, because you are a con-artist, repetitious, faux-hippie peace-and-love basher, where he is just a braying donkey. And your anti-management stance, combined with your close affiliation with known WEE-basher oilnutz, tells me that your motives aren't exactly WEE-positive.

Which I am, because Wavefront is going to make me a very comfortable retiree... ALL IMHO, OF COURSE, hehehe

And that's the best any of us can really hope for, isn't it?