gogo, come off it already.  you have been touting break even, dividend paying stock, people wanting to buy in badly, and the list goes on.  you have mislead people so far.  there exists articles in which your brett has made statements/guidance on revenue.  these have not come as projected.  so stop trying to pass blame.  if revenue arises to touted projections then the stock will move according.  3 years ago Eric N made certain penalty box comments.  tell me where is the 500 or 1000 powerwave revenue?  1000 units would be $36 million per year.  Is WEE's revenue at that level yet?  so your poor me basher blame game does not hold.  it is an embarrassment to you for bringing this matter up repeatedly.  ask yourself this.  does management deserve 38 cent options especially when private placements have been done upwards to $2.10.  How do you think those individuals feel?   How about shareholders?  change can be good.