It's inaccurate to assume that no one listens to stock bashers, wittmann.  There is indeed ample evidence that they have an effect on share price, and there is equally ample evidence that this little foursome is engaged in just that kind of activity. Their efforts are not aimed to inform, but to repeat a few, catastrophically-worded talking points over and over in an attempt to drown out any real (and in this case, mostly positive) news and information about the stock they are bashing.

Their effect on some stockholders and corporations is undeniable. If you aren't paying them any heed, good for you! But shareprice is very much linked to emotion and feelings of security about a company or stock. And that is precisely what is being attacked daily by bashers like the ones on the V.WEE board. And they are doing it with clear, definite intent. And that intent is not to counsel Brett and management, or to offer up advice, all of which can be done over the phone or by email... Their intent is to shake confidence in the value of V.WEE shares. That is, indeed, all that they are doing.