wee's performance mimics a stock I owned not that long ago called itp intertape polymer.Against all the bashers and negativity I bought it at around 1 dollar and sold it way too soon at about 3.Its around $9 now.This is the main reason I respond to most bashers in such an aggresive way.If they can keep it intelligent ,fine but bashing without substance is childish and amateurish to say the least.I have learned long ago to ignore stupid fools like risky because their input is useless.Ignore is the only option unless you want some idiotic entertainment.

Wavefront has great potential,and yes its slow going,but then again the investers in itp waited about 8yrs,for their rebound.Its a very interesting story itp,and im in no way pumping itp's stock all im saying is the similarities between the two is entertaining.So you see TT some stocks take much longer to move than wavefront.If you run out of patience you may have to move on.....and take hoolooow with you lol..atb