Trail Blazer could be a huge company maker!

Extended Reach Wells:  Canada forcast of 8305.  Let's say 8000 wells.  Average length 6000 feet.   If drilling 1000 feet per day then 6 days of drilling.  Trail Blazer increases the ROP by 20%.  So in 5 days the well could be drilled.  Rental $2500 to $3500 per day.  Let's say $3000. 

5 Days x $3000 = $15000 revenue to WEE for drilling ONE WELL!!!

If WEE can grab 3% market share of the 8000 wells then that is 240 wells.  Revenue possible of 240 x 5 days x $3000 = $3.6 million

If WEE becomes an industry standard and is accepted then market share could be 50% to 90%.  Let's say 50%.   50% of 8000 wells is 4000 wells. Revenue possible of 4000 x 5 days x $3000 = $60 million. 

Throw in the mix the USA.  And the potential becomes mind boggling!!!

All of the above is speculation with assumptions.  It is made after many beers and alot of burping and f arting.  Only time will tell if the Trailblazer becomes an industry standard.  According to the Management Discussion, the TrailBlazer appears to be an amazing tool.

first time in the industry, operators are able to retrieve Measured While Drilling and Logging While Drilling tools from the drill string through the Company’s patented system.