Not having any coverage yet doesn't concern me.  Haywood and Sprott both believe in the technology, which they have attested with large holdings.  And, I've wondered why they haven't started covering WEE.  I'm thinking that, possibly, WEE may have tools in the ground with some undisclosed customers and the tools haven't performed as well as the tools installed for disclosed customers.  Not so sure about that one.  But I'm also thinking, possibly, there is more proof needed before coverage starts.  That is to say, there are thousands of wells on our planet... to say that WEE tools have worked well in a few of them - and that's the extent of the proof - would not be significant enough to gain faith but substantial enough to gain growng interest.  I think, possibly, being at the end of the R&D phase we will soon be moving from interest to faith and from low profile to full coverage.

The buzz throughout the planet is EOR.  That's for certain.  WEE has patent protected, innovative, viable, cost effective, and proven successful (to a degree) technology that can assist in EOR.  That, too, is for certain.  WEE constantly moving forward seems to be yet another certainty.  It makes sense (to me) to hold a position in this company and await the outcome.

As far as burn rate goes.  That's normal for a business like WEE that is trying to penetrate the market with a new technology.  The more data they collect that supports their hypothesis, the more forward they will move, the more money it will cost them and the more return they will get when market penetration increases.  What's nice to see is that WEE is not trying to run before they have learned to walk.  They're moving forward at a controlled and deliberate pace.  Remember, WEE is not set up to handle world wide sales and service.  So, as they get closer to being a global solution provider, the more it is going to cost them.... but again, the more they stand to gain from it.  So don't be surprised if you see the burn rate increase even more before profitabitliy, let alone break even, enters the picture.