Brett was to leave yesterday (Monday) for Dubai for ten days and then he's off to Alberta.  You go boy!

The Emirates... hmmmm.  I wonder what's up over their.  When I think about it... the arabs have enough accessable oil in the ground that they aren't desperate for EOR at this point.  In fact, they're probably in an ideal position to deliberately push the price of oil up by sitting on their reserves.  The money they'd make from a move like that would be absolutely ludicrous.  But then again, if they don't look into EOR now and start utilizing it in the near future, they may very well find themselves at the bottom of the well sooner than they think.

I wonder how many owners/directors/officers of the western world's oil Companies also own Oil wells in the emirates.  Or to be more specific... how many owners/directors/officers of oil companies in the emerates also own wells here.  And how could they use their position to manipulate and ultimately control the market.

Any thoughts?