Wavefront has continuously boasted about their international negotiations, yet we have heard nothing.  My guess is that those companies are trialing the technology as we speak and the average investor hasn't been informed.

Stag15, that would be my guess too.  No need to PM you cause that's all I've got.  And even if I had more info than that and posted it on a public forum... it could be considered criminal.

My post arouses curiousity, no doubt, and even adds excitement to the equation... but if you think about it... you guys already suspected it.  It was made public that offices would be opening around the world, including the emirates.  The info I posted really isn't anything new....  IMO, a trip to dubai is always worth it... no matter who you are.

A thought about the big boys giving powerwave a try... If you were trying to gain market share, would you reveal to the public, let alone your competitors, that you found a new technology that could increase production, lower costs, and put you in a better position to control the market?  My answer is defenitely NO!  I would not.

Keeping this in mind, I have accepted that we, the common investor and general public, would not be privy to these assays.  However, I have also accepted that  because powerwave technology has been proven efficient and effective, both in cost and results, that it's extremely likely that every oil producer in the world would want to investigate this technology to some degree.  Simply, it just doens't make sense not to.