Thanks Bear,

Of course the first thing that comes to mind when trying to justify anonymity in stock trading is market manipulation... In fact now that I think about it... that's the ONLY thing that comes to mind. Why would a dealer opt to remain anonymous?  Eccentricity?  It does seem rather unusual.  Do you know how much the TSX charges for that report?  Which, btw, offering that report on the 6th day of the next month almost comes across as insulting. Ya know?  Like... they're saying... we won't let you know what's really going on at the time it's going on but when everything is said and done and we've moved on into the next month... then... and only for a fee... will we remove the blindfold.  I think the system should be more transparent. Reports should be given freely with the ability to download them in real time, anytime.  You wanna know who keeps posting a large bid and pulling it a dozen times without selling a single share before cancelling it completely?  Just click the report button and presto... the guilty little varment would show up in your free real time report. 

Yeah right... in stock traders heaven.