As I said... I'm not worried.  Nor do I put much emphasis on what people are posting on this board.  There are defenitely some good points being made by some... and not so good ones by others... but all in all, It's very entertaining.  I was intrigued by OT's prediction yesterday... but that's as far as it went.  I made my decision to invest in WEE after talking to a friend of mine (an investment manager)  who has been invested in WEE since it's initial IPO.  My friend hasn't sold a single share - even when it went to $5.  Also, I was able to meet with Brett.  He talked of great progress and lots to look forward to in the coming year.  He talked about the years of R&D being necessary to attract the big boys...  for new contracts...  and the need for new offices (which, btw, he said would be opening around the world - US, UK, Emirates... to name a few), over the next year.  They're financial position is good, and the interest they're getting from the big boys has been very positive.  It was already mentioned that large companies will not jump into anything without performing a thorough due diligence, which would undoubtedly include things like a comparison to WEE competitors, Knowledge and skillset of WEE management, proven track record, financial stability.....  Due Diligence can sometimes take quite a while to complete - sometimes it can take a year or more, depending on how complicated/intricate the undertaking is.  One thing I've learned about large companies and the due diligence they perform is that the more they spend on the due diligence, the more they'll spend on the actual project.  That is to say that if a company spends a million to research a software solution they're certainly not going to end up buying a software program worth only a couple of thousand.  And if they did... someone would probably get fired.  So, I don't mind that the conglomerates are taking their time rather than rusing into it.  The more they spend researching it, the more they'll spend on their follow through, and, in many cases, the more bang they'll get for their dollar.  Anyway, I'm rambling....

I'm no genius when it comes to investing but I do trust my friend (who has done quite well with his investing over the years).  And, after meeting with Brett, I have to say that he comes across as a down-to-earth, straight shooting guy who's very passionate about what he's doing.

Sorry if I'm not providing very useful info... I'm really just an average joe posting my thoughts and experiences.

All the Best