Hello All,  I'm new here and am long on WEE.  Personally, I think that WEE will do very good in the long haul.  I've been watching it for the past few years now and recently bought in at 1.05 and again at 1.67.  With powerwave results being very positive, I can't see this company not doing good.  I have to admit, though, I'm impressed by oiltrader's SP prediction today.  He said 1.44 and the stock actually went to 1.45.  While his prediction was for a lower stock price (not something that shareholders want to hear) he was pretty dead on.  My question is... how the heck can someone know what a SP is going to do?  Charts and Graphs?  I haven't really read through this thread so I'm unfamiliar with his other posts and predictions, but I was most definitely intrigued by Oiltraders prediction today.

I'm very leary, to say the least, about trusting anyone who posts stuff on the internet.  Especially when it's posted using a pseudonym.  Some here are saying he's being paid to bash the stock.  That's an interesting concept.  Paid to post.  How could one tell if a poster is being paid to post.  Are they all paid to bash a stock or are some paid to hype a stock.  And if some of the posters on this site are paid to hype a stock could it be the posters that are bashing the bashers?  And if some are being paid to bash a stock, could it be the very same posters that are bashing the hypers?

It's a joke, to say the least but doesn't cause me any worry.  After all... "... worry is like a rocking chair.  It takes you back and forth but doesn't get you anywhere."  My investment decision was based on more sound info than what is posted here.

Anyway... If anything, these threads are defenitely entertaining.