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Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc V.WEE

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
Alternate Symbol(s):  WFTSF

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc is engaged in licensing and utilization of its patented process for enhancement and improvement of oil recovery and oil well stimulation & groundwater remediation. It offers site licenses for groundwater clean-up.
Price: $0.18 | Change: +$0.005 | %Change: +2.86%
Volume: 18,000 | Day High/Low: 0.18/0.175 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.38/0.165

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Now WHO? would be interested in my success story. Why don't you two get together and devise one to help the investors and stockholders that are still around and care about this stock! You would be...read more
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RE:This company, Wee, Strategy? Never! Cannot spell the word

"Cannot get much worse"...!  Why, that's a buy signal if ever I heard one! And speaking of pathological liars, why don't you tell us the story again about how your (nameless, addressless) company...read more
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This company, Wee, Strategy? Never! Cannot spell the word

Blogs will be 'TOAST' Hello? Cannot get much worse!  rate and reply
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Stim revenues

Stim revenue: Q3 $807,000 <--- Historic record quarterly stim revenue. Q4 $692,000 Q1 $509,000 Q2 $574,000 Revenue dropped 37% off its high to the low shown above despite an apparent record number...read more
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A zebra cannot change its stripes. Management has been dishonest since day one. And I know. One cannot have bashed as I have and not have genuine proof of this. WIll I retreat? If I am offered what...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:field incentive compensation to accelerate growth.

The bashers on this board have been correct the last year,but without providing intelligent reasons...just blind  bashing.The sad reality is that the pumping has countered with nothing intelligent...read more
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RE:RE:RE:field incentive compensation to accelerate growth.

Sir-Holler You might know a lot about the the oil industry and WEE's operations but your statements shows  that your stiock market knowledge is very limited. Your quote" The loss in revenue today may...read more
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RE:I am satisfied and thrilled

Elaine Morton....just sell, ( if u own)  walk away. Life is too short, good lord, enjoy what is left of your life. Posting daily here must take an extreme amount of energy, and , bitterness. It will...read more
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I am satisfied and thrilled

at the success of my little Company, A similar Technlogy. If I was not, I could not be here and devote the time. Too bad Wee could not have done the same! Yes it very well may be a  vendetta...read more
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Yes, yes, Elaine... That's why you're here every day, harping away on your insane vendetta... Because Wavefront just isn't worth anybody's time... sure... If you really believed your own lunatic...read more
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AFTER !3 LONG YEARS??????????????? WHAT A JOKE,  and a waste of money, time and B.S.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:field incentive compensation to accelerate growth.

"Right now margins are a future concern, to-day it is all about revenue." The company's top concern right now is getting the technology adopted, increasing the number of stims. The loss in revenue...read more
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RE:field incentive compensation to accelerate growth.

Right now margins are a future concern, to-day it is all about revenue.  rate and reply
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field incentive compensation to accelerate growth.

For the three months ended February 28, 2014, the gross profit margin(1) for Powerwave was 69.9% compared to 76.7% for the comparative period due to the heavier weighting on international projects and...read more
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RE:RE:Currant Stock Price

What we need is a very favourable revenue report followed a by a bullish Discussion and Analysis Report. In the past we got an optomistic D & A followed by meager revenue growth.If management "talks...read more
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RE:Currant Stock Price

A couple of months ago IR indicated the lack of press releases was a decision to let the quarterly numbers do the talking.We shalll soon see. Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard...read more
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Davidson given negative value

At $.165 the stock has a market cap of ~$13.7 million. Subtract ~$10 million cash and that's $3.7 million for the company. WEE paid ~$4 million for Vortech meaning WEE, less its cash, is valued at...read more
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Currant Stock Price

Not often does one get the chance to buy at 40% below the level of the most recent management stock options level and 16% below the level of recent insider buying. A couple of months ago IR indicated...read more
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RE:Uh oh....

I'm a buyer at .10  rate and reply
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Uh oh....

...I can see .12 on the horizon...  rate and reply