I'm not sure if its happening here Scotchstocks. The trading on WDG is unusual at best, as is DP's intense interest, then apparent disinterest in shares. For awhile, it seemed he couldnt get enough, although oddly, even with the announcement of his desire to acquire 10% (then Polo's mention of 20%), other insiders or even institutional buyers dont seem to be jumping on the band wagon.  When management is that keen, its usually driven by what one would consider to be confidence of some sort that you are going to profit somehow. The big question is how does DP see that happening? Is it near term or long term?  Is it through a bolstered show of confidence hoping the flurry of purchasing would catch on with others? Is it because he knows the resource and knows its better than he can presently state.  He went past the 10% mark.  The deal with Level C while it looks good on paper, could go south, similiar to a consolidation type deal. This sp also doesnt seem to be directly tied to the gold price either. So its hard to say what is happening with WDG.  I dont entirely believe the statement in the PR either about wanting to be more soley focused on Africa, because they are still going to be very active in the new company.  So there is something else. Using that reasoning if you truly wanted to soley focus on a large project and becoming divorced from the others, you would do that, not call it another name and then throw your hat into the management /operations ring. Having 2 viable entities makes sense.  But telling that to shareholders may be suicidal.  Possibly they are wanting to remove/separate the Canadian properties from the African properties so that the Africans that they have any royalty agreements in place with wont have any lay to claims towards them (Canadian Properties) as a whole going concern.  With that being said, it may be very possible that whatever they have uncovered in Canada is huge, and one way to get more shares in the new company is to buy more in the exsisting, if the shares in the new company have already been sold to capacity. I believe I read somewhere in the wording that management/insiders would be buying the first tranche of shares. If you look at Barrick and the Dominican Republic deal, other countries dont always play by the fair trade good practice rules.  So if this Canadian find is big, slice it off, put it with another small company for listing, then make your announcements when its all said and done.  Just a theory. But there's something brewing that we dont know about yet. And the wonky trading seems to demonstrate that. JMHO