Some salient point to consider regarding the recent news release. THIS IS A GREAT THING.


  • ?  This transaction converts properties that were currently write offs into marketable securities on the Giyani Gold Corp. balance sheet

  • ?  There is a very tight share structure of the new company. A $0.50 share price represents $10m market cap to Giyani. A $1.00 share price is HIGHLY possible on a discovery and represents $22m. This transaction underpins overall Market cap not realized prior to transaction.

  • ?  Giyani Gold Corp has doubled or tripled their chance of discovery because projects will now be drilled that otherwise may have sat on the shelf

  • ?  The Rice Lake Gold Belt (Manitoba properties) has attracted the majors, Giyani Gold Corp. gets exposure to this exciting new belt that otherwise we would have overlooked.

  • ?  This transaction DISPELS rumours that Gyani was displeased with Africa and shopping for projects. The reality is they were looking for Canadian projects to build this portfolio.

  • ?  This new company will share Giyani Gold Corp. services reducing monthly costs.

  • ?  This transaction removes flowthrough investors as future WDG shareholders which will benefit the stock in the long run.

  • ?  Giyani Gold Corp. and the Manitoba companies both have rare earth elements properties. While not a focus, the potential for downstream success for these properties (especially the Manitoba property) is not insignificant.

  • ?  The Geological settings Bob Middleton has viewed in Africa have justified his full attention being placed on the Giyani Gold Project (also looking to dispel the ‘Shopping around’ Rumors). They have a big year planned in Africa and they’ve put a team in place in Ontario that can run the NewCo with Bob acting as a technical advisor.... Allowing Bob to focus his full attention on our African Assets.