Wash... I think you should watch and learn from this interview with DP that was released on December 24...


Take note how he mentions that they will release 43-101's for the Ontario and S. African developments early this year.

Also take note how he mentions their attemps at controlling the entire greenstone belt by acquiring 4 properties, the largest of which is a staking operation that would give WDG, 25 historical mines to work with.

Aslo note that he talks about finding undervalued properties, de-risking them, upgrading them, then look for a buyer... says straight out that his group are not miners.

Also take note how he says there will be follow-up drilling, even before you Jan 24 prediction.

I think the next milestone will be the closing of the deals on more properties, as well as  better drill results... I'm not guessing which will come first, but know that DP eventually achieves his plan.

Hope this helps.