Sorry guys but ALX.V is not SNY.V farm in partner. CQM.V is and nothing is happening with their shares neither. ALX.V is developing a property next to SNY.V though and are having some success. Hopefully SNY.V can have a little bit of luck and flow some oil. I must add that according to CQM.V's IR says that the play on th land being developed by ALX.V is on trend with SNY's property. Just look up CQM.V IR contact and call him, though he does talk highly of the play which you would expect from a companies IR it does not mean that SNY will have the same success, and judging by SNY's SP and volume we may have another duster or a less than stellar producing well. In addition they could still have stellar results and will not necessarily increase the SP a whole lot as they had to farm out a part of their 50% stake in 5 sections total I believe but it would still bode well for further development./exploration on the remaing 20 or so sections.