I think we'll finally get moving next week when they "probably" announce the potash drilling. They aren't going to be especially deep holes but they WILL give a good idea of at least one aspect of what they are looking for. They'll see the salt end and the potash layer begin and then they'll see the potash layer end. They'll know the thickness of the potash layer as soon as they see the core. They won't know the K2O percent until it gets back from the lab. If they see like 20 meters of potash then they'll know it's looking GOOD even before they get the grades.


We're also getting close to Investcan starting to drill Thoulet #1. They originally said mid-June but it could begin earlier. It would be great if Investcan also released some info on Gobineau #1. I have to think they had "some" success on Gobineau #1 since they are putting up to another $10 million into two more wells.


If I read the market depth correctly the stock seems to be really "wound up" and ready to pop. A price of .25 would only represent a cap. of $15 million and that seems rather cheap if EITHER the potash property seems viable or Investcan's drilling has even a reasonable chance of success.