Vulcan ain't exactly the easiest company to get in contact with so I'm flying blind on what they have in mind. In a way that's pretty good because I doubt they'd tell me much anyway and that leaves me completely free to try and decipher what they are going to do on my own.


The news that Investcan is going to drill one or two wells at Flat Bay is GREAT. How many times do you get somebody spending $5 to $10 million on a property that your company could get 2% of the gross profits from? If they hit on one or two wells then they could drill 100 wells and what would 2% of THAT be worth? But we won't know too much about that until late July or August.


In the meantime, we have the Red Moon potash property. In February they said they were looking for drillers for the property. We haven't heard anything since except what Laracy said at the PDAC. With 2000 meters of drilling that potash property could move from a hypothetical to a proven discovery. I'd REALLY like to see some drilling there.


As far as Tasisuak, I think that's a really interesting property. After everybody "missed" around Voisey Bay the action moved to South Voisey. Falconbridge optioned everything and drilled all over and missed. But, Tasisuak has shown BETTER numbers that ANY other property ouside the discovery at Voisey Bay, north or south. The possibilty is there but in THIS market I don't see where they could find a JV partner.