The best stuff I can find on Tasisuak comes from Nortec. They flew VTEM on the property.


If there's a mineralized body at depth they may be able to get a better handle on it with ZTEM. That goes down about a kilometer and helped Hudbay find their Lalor deposit. I'm sure they've considered this stuff but it seems that with the interesting stuff they've seen near surface they should spend the bucks needed to check things out at depth.


It seems that nobody has drilled deep at Tasisuak. I remember the Voisey Bay days when they were looking down 2 kilometers for other "Ovoid type" deposits. I had a couple of plays at that time and none of them hit anything as good as what they've already hit at TL.


I don't really think Tasisuak Lake is going to be a big factor in Vulcan's future. But there's always a chance and I remember how I'd always go to stockhouse 10 or 15 years ago to see if anybody was writing about the stocks I owned. I didn't know that much and I was always hoping that people that DID know something would write stuff. I DO know a bit now and I felt like writing tonight. I think I'm in the ballpark on stuff and I'm hoping to talk to the folks at Vulcan to get their opinion one of these days.


When I said I thought we had 2 months max to hear something it didn't have anything to do with Tasisuak Lake. BUT, it did have to do with the deal that Pat Laracy seems to have come up with on TL. He couldn't have come up with a BETTER deal.


That's why I have such HIGH hopes for Vulcan. They have about $5.5 million dollars and they have some of the shrewdest people around. And it's also like a crackerjack prize where you never know what you'll get. They may have been staking ground for the last 8 months and we don't know about it. They may be going for cash flow and income when money is HARD to get for Jr. Oil and Gas producers.


I think it's kinda NEAT having some of the sharpest, most experienced and savvy minds around doing deals for MY stock...