The Great thing about Vulcan and Pat Laracy is that they aren't limited to oil and gas. When Voisey Bay got hot Vulcan picked up some of the most prospective property right next door to INCO. When diamonds got hot he picked up 2 million hectares right on trend with where they were finding kimberlite. He finds the best opportunities regardless of the resource and he does it without spending much cash.


Now they have $5 million in CASH in a market where Jrs. holding prosepctive properties can't afford to work them because they can't raise a dime in financing in this horrible market.


He can pick and choose the BEST properties or even buyout the Jrs. that hold them (as he did with a company called London back in the 90's that got Vulcan a ton of oil leases).


Take a look at Laracy and the team of people he has to work with and figure the odds that they can LEVERAGE $5 million into some fantastic holdings. I think the odds are pretty good.