After going over everything I'm thinking it may not be that long afterall till Vulcan does another deal. They spun off Red Moon and they've been pulling OUT of deals but they haven't really "inititated" anything for a lonnnng time. Not since Investcan?


They've been cashed up since last May (actually their cash value is closer to .09 than .07) and this is really the first time they've had a lot of cash that wasn't committed to something in years.


Originally I thought the Laracy buying was just to sort of support the stock and show that it was worth more in cash than it was selling for but looking at the Laracy trades I notice that they weren't coming earlier when the stock was at or below these levels. But beginning in late November they've come with a bit of enthusiasm.


I don't agree with SPEC that the stock is being "held down" by TD. If we saw a lot of sells by Canaccord or PI I might think differently.


If you were going to do a deal I'd think you'd want to get it locked up before the weather warmed up in the spring to make it easier and cheaper to do the initial geo. work.


So I'm thinking maybe sooner rather than later.