I too am pleased with the volume, considering a .10 placement is available. I did hear though, and I could be wrong, that the placcement, being non-brokered, is going to investors support the Valdor long term, not flippers and traders. It is not being offered to just anyone, which is very positive and bodes well for the stock, as there won't be a big collapse when the shares become free trading. It appears the shaares in the open market are being bought by strong hands, and won't come back to bite us. Again very positive. Buying at this level seems to be a wise mid to long term investment move, especially looking at the 1 year chart, and how it has consolidated nicely, and with news expected near term on Manitoba Tel and other major corporations with high volume usage of splitters and connectors and devices(all of which Valdor supplies).  The financial industtry seems to indicate this is a good sector to be in for some time.   Have a great week, Sparky.