I working in a underground mine and every year I can see more and more fiber cables being used. Fiber optics is growing and will grow for many years in the future we will have a fiber optic bubble I guess this will happen after we had a gold bubble.

Clear communication is the key.

And quality communications and information equipment is now, more than ever before, integral in mine development as the industry moves towards greater remote control and automation of machinery and mining processes.

In an underground mine, access to communications and information equipment has often been limited due to thermal extremes, physical hazards and dangerous chemicals.

On top of this, copper conductors that are often used for communication equipment do not operate as efficiently because of the excessive noise generated by mining equipment, and may also pose a safety hazard.

However, the design of extremely rugged fibre optic cables is now enabling ten gigabit transmission links in places that were never before thought possible in mining.

One place though, has still proved a challenge for the expansion of fibre optic networks, and that is in an underground coal mine.

Until now.