Split, I believe the news release you cited refers to Lockheed Martin, and they are still looking at using them in their F-35's. And as we already know, the Valdor connectors beat the competition in 9 out of 10 categories of testing. NASA and a few naval and military bases use our products. The big news right now is the splitters, being field tested by Manitoba Telephone at this time. These are high profit items; and we could know if the orders will be tendered in as little as a few weeks. If this happens, then the other provinces and major telecom companies should follow. Then we can attack the States and get listed there as well. I really feel we are on the verge of something special, and ready to rock. All these new people in mgt. positions and the high net worth friends taking large positions are not looking to make pennies, I'm  sure. They are long term thinkers. We have a good product in the right sector. And I have just been told, there are only about 20 offers of stock to infinity at this time. I will try and get the expanded depth and post.

Have a great weekend, and a happy new years, Sparky.