I find the news I was talking about in my last post.

Hayward, California - December 9, 2010: Valdor Technology International (OOTC:TCNI) Inc. (OOTC:VTIFF) (TSXV:VTI) ("Valdor")(TSX-V: VTI) is pleased to report that a North American aerospace and military supply company, with annual sales in excess of $25 billion, has purchased and will begin testing Valdor's patented Impact Mount™ miniature SP fiber optic connector.

In this phase of the project the Valdor SP connector will be tested in high power applications. Following qualification of the connector, Valdor will move on to the next phase of this project; it has a high priority and is on a fast-track schedule. This client has government and commercial customers worldwide and markets a wide range of equipment that uses fiber optic components.