I recently heard two splitters have been installed by Manitoba Tel, in field offices,(I believe), and we could know in a soon as a few weeks whether serious orders will be placed or not. One thing we do know; the splitters are compact, easy to install and work efficiently. And we know thee splitters currently being used by Man. Tel are very poor at best. Quite often, a large % of the cables coming out of the splitter are non  functioning. I heard as many as 8 of the 32 don't work. It seems the Valdor product would save customers time, money, and increase service.

If and when we get Manitoba Tel on board, I'm sure other provinces' phone companies will trust their due dilligence, saving them time and money, and try our products as well.

Please remember, this is all second hand, and forward looking, and may not reflect accurately all the facts But should be pretty darn close). The company or it's repressentatives have not approved these comments for print. 

Calling the company should confirm this though.

Have a Merry Christmas all, Sparky.