Obviously Raymond James was having a hard time generating any interest in the PP @ 50 cents.  Min. 4 Million to 10 Million units @ 50 cents.  Yuk!

Now that they have lowered the unit price to 40 cents, they are expecting to close a 2.5 Million unit PP,,,, shortly.  Something to start with.  There are 2 Call options on the warrants.  That is a good thing.

Obviously a lot of the PR campaigning and awards has not generated the interest in these markets as TB anticipated.  Those who are in the equity markets are looking for safe havens such as " dividend paying stocks", not high risk/reward Juniors.  Unfortunate but that is the nature of the beast at this moment in time.

I am only 1/2 in with VRS and this drop for me is a great opportunity to acquire my full position at even lower average cost.

this 40 cents SP will only be a blip on the SP chart, at least on my SP chart.  Waiting for the YE and MD&A.  Lets see what happens.