It's sad. I got into this company because there used to be great communication. I remember being impressed that they always did what they said they were going to do. TB and team had my respect for running an effective and promising team.

As we aquire more awards  they have completely dropped the ball. The first few missteps were ok because it was out of character and excusable for the company. At this point though disappointment has become the norm. While management can't control how a PP is received or how customers will repsond to their products the least they can do is communicate. Take some accountability and explain what's going on. They really need to get their ish together over there because this stock as been a dud.

It would be great if they can host a Conference Call to answer investor questions and share some insight. Yes, I understand people can call and email them but this is a public company and those should be public conversations. I'm still planning on holding to atleast see Q1 results but my confidence in this company has diminished.