Thank you for the acknowledgement.

I am in total agreement with your post as to the true value of Verisante as well. Once the future cash flows start to come in, this company will take on a whole new meaning and investors are going to take note. Without getting in to a lot of specifics re-revenues etc, one just has to do the math. To analyze it all though there has to be an understanding of how an analyst rates a company. The numbers are calculated in categories and all summed together. Such as basing the company on a cash flow basis/ P/ E ratios/ EBITDA. When one has the optimism in the future of a company such as Verisante, it is not that difficult to come up with a future projected number of 2-3 Billion. For my part, and I am not too sure just haw far into the future it is or how long it will take to get there, I am using numbers based on 2000 units out in the field, just to start, and that is just a start. I remain, as you do, an evermore and continuous optimist regarding Verisante and it's future. To all investors"Think and Grow Rich. IMHO.

Hongkongwalt, thanks for sharing your thoughts once again. Have a great weekend.