none taken grinder.... you canadians are too conservative for making big gains in the 'murkin' frontier of HUGE $$$. The real value in Verisante is not only in the skin cancer detection market but also in the technological breakthroughs encapsulated in the algorythmic technology, and the array specifications.

that's not easy to get one's hands on. hell ford lost 12 million and was willing to pay 30 million to settle a lawsuit for the technology to the intermittant windshield wiper.....and that was years upon years ago!

you guys are selling it way short in your attempts at sounding grounded......doesn't hurt my feelings at all.


as for my lingo....yes southern born, southern fed, but that wasn't my only bed. i taught in china for a time. now i call Sacramento home.....never been to Canada other than Ontario for a day or so.