I would add that there may be some value to "downgrading" irrationally negative commentary via the rating system.

although, when you reach your boiling point, you reach your boiling point! there's no question some of the recent statements here are anything other than inept in a negativist manner. i've got a hearty portion of my bankroll in VRSEF. obviously i watch for a resonable excuse to divest but, unfortunately for all shareholders involved.....THIS STUFF IS SO UNDERVALUED IT'S GROTESQUE. any action except holding or buying into this ground swell of confidence here would be an exceptional folly.

we see these "photo editing" software firms being eaten alive by the likes of google for billions. here we have a "health editing" suite which should be on par or exceed the future value of that other capital competing nonsense!

it's laughable watching some of these jackleg "discreditors" try to LOWBALL.....one of the new MVPs of the fight against the big C(ancer.)

again, i know it's painful, but in the interest of the new folk that may just be stumbling across the boards and may only budget a moment to scan the postings......i recommend and advocate "downgrading" via the rating system any obviously irrational and scathing reports on Verisante. Be fair but, be just.

many investors will make a gut decision to buy off of what they can quickly find a tide of solid data to support. our readership here is very significantly on the side of Verisante and attacking cancer. We can show our expertise by rating appropriately ALL comments......no matter who painfully laughable some may be.

Have a great weekend everyone!(even those who exhibit the scraggly dogs' behavior.... amonst our reputable crew)



p.s. also, consider braving the rapids and going public with your id's here to ad even more credence to your already outstanding posts. i've not had a bad experience doing so. i recommend it to anyone who is annonymous but would like to ad more veracity and credibility to their online presence.