grinder, if I may add.... the day you are referring to was a good day indeed, but even more confirmation is given about a week later with a dragonfly doji on Feb 6 followed the next day by an inverted hammer.  If today's close is higher than yesterday, the signal is confirmed and probablility of a reversal is increased. Considering Verisante's most recent progressions and current activity... it makes sense.  It's always wise to have something coming down the pipes after hiring a new PR firm. Australian distributor... possibly with sale orders?  More, impressive R&D results? Increased sales from current distributors?

I'm expecting increased expenses as TB sets the playing field for our arrival but not without expectations of some pretty decent revenues/profits which I think will ramp up relatively quick. I wonder what's holding up the Aussie deal? Granted, it's not the largest of our markets but it is probably in the most demand of the aura so saturation should be optimal there.