I would like to thank stockman5555 (who has no history that we are aware of) for being so concerned about our poor choice of stock and the desire to save us all from making a bad investment as it applies to Verisante.

Not quite sure why he/she feels the need to be so passionate as to pen all of his posts .... but .... thanks!!!!!

Maybe while your at it you should also warn eveyone else who have been "duped" by Mr Braun.

Here is a short list for you to contact and let them know their reports and/or articles are misplaced or unsupported ...

BC Cancer Institute, Business Television, Chatelaine, CTV News, Global News, ELLE Canada, Business Vancouver, Technology for Doctors, Canadian Investor, BC Business, Macleans, Popular Science, Canadian Business, MedGadget, The Vancouver Sun, The Province, CBC, DecisionPlus, Financial Post, BioBusiness, ModernMedicine, Toronto Stock Exchange, Dermatology Times, Richmond Review, The Independent, Business News Network, CNN, Modern Medicine, TrendHunter, BC Medical Journal, BioTechnology Focus, Popular Science, The Globe and Mail, Business Vancouver.

Oh yeah, what about Health Canada, the European Community and the Austrailan authourities and of course we need to warn the FDA too?

If we are to believe Stockman555 this is "Quite the con" .... sorry buddy your arguements dont wash, I'm long on Verisante ...