Hopefully the info below will help clear up any confusion some may have on this board regarding Verisante's trading halt.

 Trading Halts & Timely Disclosure

Disclosure rules require that companies report all material information about their business and financial affairs to the public in a timely and fair manner. These rules aim to ensure that investors are given equal access to material information.

IIROC monitors the timely disclosure of material information by companies trading on marketplaces that have retained IIROC as their regulation service provider. Media releases issued by listed companies with material information are reviewed by IIROC surveillance staff before being released on the newswires or the company’s website. If a news release is unclear or overly-promotional, IIROC may ask the company to revise it.

Every listed company on the TSX is responsible for having IIROC review its news releases prior to being disseminated over the news wires. Listed companies on the TSX Venture Exchange must have IIROC review their news releases in accordance with TSX Venture Policy 3.3. CNSX Timely Disclosure policy also requires its issuers to provide a draft news release to market surveillance in advance of issuance if the news is deemed material. If you are a company representative and have a question about a news release, please contact an IIROC Surveillance Officer - go to Contact Info. <links to the current "surveillance contacts" page