I can appreciate it when someone shows the opposite point of view on issues. It can be beneficial, to look at these allegations and take them seriously. I do not assume that the original poster, brand new as far as we know, is necessarily in it to dump and buy. He could be genuinely interested in sounding the alarm for ethical reasons.

Its very late EST here  but I just went through the Sedar filings. Point made about BCCA doing their R&D. I was about to mention that but ara85 beat me to it. TB has a tendency to outsource to experts.(R&D, distribution..)

There is an addition error, in the sentence:

"This company has lost $6,714,176 in the last 7 quarters ($3,559,262 in 2011 and $2,154,914 so far 2012) 

it's off by 1 million the total is actually $5,714,176.

But even that and the total admin expenses do seem large. What do the financial DD experts think on these totals? Is TB taking out too much for himself?