Your recent post has been grating at me like your spelling.

To this point, TB has handled the finances impeccably. Your naive perspective towards developmental-stage companies is very clear.

 Money raised through warrants exercised helps to keep the bottom line in the black during a company's pre-revenue, developmental stage; sure enough, VRS has not accumulated debt. This is huge as we head to the next step.

 Verisante will not be leasing Auras. The company sells the Aura through purchase orders. This is huge going forward. Does Verisante sell them to the each respective distribution company? To the clinic? Maybe we will never know? Sales are sales.

 Verisante is keeping overhead costs to an absolute minimum through out-licensing and OEMs. The ultimate price of an Aura could be different for each distribution company that Verisante signs with. Different numbers in different parts of the world? Check the financials quarterly, jessie, is my advice!

 Seems to me that TB has the ability to negotiate the price of an Aura depending on a number of outstanding factors. I sense it's simple math to him. And me!

 What is the price of an Aura? Maybe we will never know! Crunch the financials, I guess.