I don't think anyone would debate another private placement. That is inevitable. But there are other near term events as well. I also don't doubt 100m outstanding shares. That is inevitable.

James is again a broken record. I asked James a while ago to grade the length of this roll out / commercialization to that of any other medical device company. No response - it is just assumed to be taking too long to to sales. No rational / baseline....nothing. You can't say it's too long and give no comparable.

I'm curious James - I recall their y1 targets at 150 devices or so? What's your opinion on that? Not good enough?

you may be a doctor but its evident you have limited industry experience in business.

as far as promotion. If there was no promotion the stock would be at 20 cents on low volume trading. Little retail investors need some bait to keep the sp at a reasonable level. 

I don't blame Them for NR on distribution, awards, or options updates. Not all companies get nominated for awards - FYI. Most don't. Any small cap / growth company - sales or no sales - would NR an award.