I just got into the office.  After reading the nr about laserwelt and the new market we're about to penetrate, I couldn't help but notice landmarks along the way to my office.  A burger king right across the road from a macdonalds, a nissan dealer in the same auto mall as gm, ford, mazda...., a TD bank kitty corner to RBC.  I came to the office to talk to a customer that is shopping for a product.  The customer has had two other quotes and is interested in getting his third and final quote from us.  There's no question, competition is wide spread in almost every industry.  There's no question, having unique features... a unique edge, is paramount.  Afterall, Henry Ford wasn't the first one on the playing field, but he did pretty darn good compared to his predecessors.

I guess time will tell how companies like Verisante and Mela Sciences will fair in this wild world of competition.  Personally, my bet is on Verisante.