MT. The leasing is only speculation on my part. It makes sense to me that a product with a price tag in the $60000.00 range would be offered to smaller clinics or anyone who qualifies for the product, and may not wish to part with the full amount upfront in order to maintain their cashflow base for other segments of their business. Also keep in mind that Clarion has been chosen by Verisante as the Canadian distributor and Clarion will do that via its own multiple options.  Check out Clarion website and see what they have to offer. I submit below one of their program options. IMHO.

Consider leasing through AMT Finance Inc. and take advantage of many significant benefits...

Change or upgrade your technology at any time- we offer market based trade-in allowances for clients wishing to change or upgrade their technology. No large administration fees will be charged for your technology change or upgrade.

Save the down payment- many other financing programs require a sizable downpayment. Upon approval, we require only the first month's lease payment.

Improve your cash flow management- many businesses lease to conserve capital due to the sizable cash outlay involved in equipment acquisitions. Money can instead be spent on appreciating assets and investing capital in your business. In addition, knowPVA logoing your payment amount in advance enables you to budget and manage technology investment dollars over time.

Take advantage of the Clarion Prime Vendor Program- with our exclusive Prime Vendor program, aesthetic Physicians have an opportunity to reduce the capital payments on the latest technologies through rebates accrued from consumable products purchased. The more qualified consumable products purchased, the lower your capital payment will be!

100% Financing- traditional methods of financing usually do not include soft cost items such as installation, maintenance, conversion, training, consulting fees and freight. With leasing, you can build soft costs into the total value of the lease.

Easier than bank loans- leasing programs and procedures are specifically designed to take the red tape out of financing. Some banks may require compensating balances or other restrictive policies such as sizable down payments, client list reviews and cash flow projections.

More flexibility- leasing traditionally gives businesses more flexibility than other financing options. You can choose the length of the lease and the amount of advance payments you are prepared to make.

Tax benefits- many businesses traditionally deduct their monthly lease payment as an operating expense thus reducing the net cost of the lease, as per Revenue Canada tax rules.

Clarion is a single source provider, offering technology, clinical support, technical support, in-house financing and insurance.