I am not sure how everyone is interpreting the start of sales for the Aura. This is my take for what it is worth.

The company has been very good at keeping it's timelines on the approval process, production and development. If you have confidence in what TB has said in the past, then listen to the key words in the BTV interview. At about the 4:40 minute mark listen to the words of the CEO Thomas Braun.  "We'll start selling it very early on in 2013". Remember Mr. Braun is also a "Securities Lawyer." and I am quite sure that he is fully aware of the fact that Fraudulent, misleading, or statements of misrepresentation can have consequences. In defense of that though, delays or the unforeseen can always cause disruption to timelines.

"Very early on in 2013" of course could be sometime in Q1 or in early Q2. I speculate though, that Clarion will be taking orders { probably have already done so} and selling in January 2013. Early purchasers will probably have delivery, setup and training in place by early March  Clarion may even be the largest Buyer to kick off their Leasing Program. This is just Canada, and the European Distributor will be in the mix as well.

Bottom line is I have faith in this company, management, and the product, and It is going to be revolutionary in this field. The unfortunate part for many investors who do not live in BC or Canada for that matter, is that they are not familiar with the BCCA or with UBC and all of the many great contributions and innovative discoveries they have made over the years. Soon they shall know. All of this is " IMHO" of course.