just to add to this: 


Total Population of the USA: 311,591,917

Percentage of those 65 years old or older: 13.3%

From that last study I cited my post on  melanoma biopsy ratios - let's take the average biopsy rate for those over 65 yrs old at: 

7222 per every 100,000 people 

This same study also infers an unnecessary biopsy percentage of 87.4% per 1000 additional biopsies. 

Here's some monkey math just intended to open your eyes: 

Persons 65 yrs or older in USA: 41,441,725

divide by 100,000 people = 414.4 x 7222 biopsy rate 

= 2,992,797 biopsies X 87.4%

=  2,615,704 potential unnecessary biopsies X $350 each (biopsy cost est.) = $915,496,602 assuming the AURA reduced this factor by 100% 

Of course this is just a cursory example liberally using the cited study for melonoma but I trust you will get the gest of my point. Reducing unnecessary biopsies is the jet fuel that will fire up Verisante's ultimate marketing success for the Aura and all potential platform technologies. 

Once this device has some experience in the field - in my opinion the true SP appreciation will occur when it becomes apparent that biopsy ratios are significantly bettered through the use of this potential disruptive technology that we call the AURA. 

just my ramblings. 

Keep the faith and good luck to all.