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Verisante Technology, Inc V.VRS

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Medical Devices
Alternate Symbol(s):  VRSEF

Verisante Technology Inc is a medical device company. It commercializes systems for the early detection of cancer. Its products are the Verisante Aura(tm) for skin cancer detection & Verisante Core (tm) series for lung, colon & cervical cancer detection.
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RE:Operational update

The biggest takeaway from this opertaional update for me was the following; " Subsequent to putting together an in-house sales and marketing team in Q1, Verisante has placed two Aura™ devices into...read more
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RE: Astoria JV - Net/Net...A Positive For Verisante IMHO

That's how I read it too.  A very smart move for the following reasons; the GI tract version of the Core is not a product that was on the near term road map. No dilution required at the...read more
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RE: Astoria JV - Net/Net...A Positive For Verisante IMHO

If Astoria is successful with Upper GI that success will carry over to acceptance of all other applications. Wider acceptance simplifies sales and marketing which translates to a very large cost...read more
3.5 stars

Astoria JV - Net/Net...A Positive For Verisante IMHO

Unless I'm misreading the announcement, it seems VRS has little to lose and much to gain from this partnership with Astoria. While it is true that VRS is "surrendering" 75% ownership of the worldwide ...read more
3.5 stars

Operational update

Verisante Technology, Inc. Announces 2014 First Quarter Results and Provides Operational Update June 2, 2014 VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Verisante Technology, Inc. (TSX-V: VRS, OTCQX: VRSEF...read more
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RE:RE:on life support - burn rate vs cash on hand

Nothing to do with the web site; all on me I'm afraid. I have no idea why this happen about once a month....  rate and reply
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the Astoria partnership was not discussed

but it's an important step not only in terms of financing but also market acceptance/credibility. Things like this are often forgotten until they are closed, a nice pop in sp is not uncommon.  rate and reply
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RE:on life support - burn rate vs cash on hand

Reminds one of POT! Poor relationship with computer and website?  rate and reply
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on life support - burn rate vs cash on hand

Spoke with mgm't at Vancouver investment conference today. ----- cash on hand< $300k, burn rate $150k/ month, 2 firm orders...----- new "sales team" better get with the program or vrs is doa.----- at...read more
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RE:Interesting article on VRS regarding ex gold investors

They messed up a bit here, " for a very reasonable cost that is covered by medical insurance plans in Canada and Europe. That coverage is, as yet, uncertain in the U.S." But good find and nice to see...read more
3.5 stars

Interesting article on VRS regarding ex gold investors

http://business.itbusinessnet.com/article/Turn-Solid-Gold-into-Biotech-Gold-with-James-West-3287903  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:good deal if

I don’t maintain knowing more than the CEO. Anyone that thinks they know more without being on an equal or greater footing is a loser. Armchair quarterback, may have been a better choice of words. All...read more
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RE:RE:RE:good deal if

dan? U shouldn't beat yourself up like that ? I am sure u are not really a "BB loser" ! regards r  rate and reply
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RE:RE:good deal if

Also, this is not the first we’ve heard regarding partnerships. Mr. Braun has mentioned numerous times over the years that it may be worth looking into. It keeps him in the game and I would expect no...read more
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RE:good deal if

the cost would be substantially more if VRS had to pay for travel and all other associated marketing cost. Giving up one application seems like a real deal especially Upper GI. Astoria must have a...read more
2.5 stars

good deal if

Astoria is the bank roll and VRS doesn't have to invest any actual Capirol to advace the project.  Cause they don't have any cash to spare. Pretty heafty price for financing   giving up 75 % of  a...read more
4 stars

The deal is for Upper GI Instrument only.

Since the name of the game at this point is to gain industry acceptance of the technology and since the Upper GI Instrument is based on the same technology this partnership can be a very big help. All...read more
3 stars

RE:Licencing agreement. great news. more capital w/o dilution

This is really interesting news. I can't say it good or bad as there are few things that worry me. It's good to see  a company in the USA is interested in Verisante but they could also just be...read more
3.5 stars

RE:RE:My last post

VRS77 you are totally entitled to your own opinion but I have to ask you. What motivates you to post in the troll manner that you do? Do you feel like that sort of thing eats at your soul little by...read more
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RE:Licencing agreement. great news. more capital w/o dilution

That is very good news, just wait until the rest hear about it.... this is a steal now  rate and reply