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Verisante Technology, Inc V.VRS

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Medical Devices
Alternate Symbol(s):  VRSEF

Verisante Technology Inc is a medical device company. It commercializes systems for the early detection of cancer. Its products are the Verisante Aura(tm) for skin cancer detection & Verisante Core (tm) series for lung, colon & cervical cancer detection.
Price: $0.17 | Change: $-0.02 | %Change: -10.53%
Volume: 69,000 | Day High/Low: 0.185/0.17 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.35/0.13

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I like every other stockholder is very frustrated with T.B. and the company as whole. The one thing I don't understand is the loyalty of the people working at Verisante. Why have we not seen a mass...read more
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just to clarify

WFP  should have read  WEF (western forest products )    just in case anyone cares.  rate and reply
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I must agree with u  ,  the pain has been muted by the other  company's i have picked up(CKK, WFP, ROG ) after selling a good chunk of VRS  , I still feel i need a little toe in this after the time...read more
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The most positive news I can offer deccaman is this: I am positive I have dicked around with this one for far too long and I am now absolutely positive I will dump my shares, take my lumps and move on...read more
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sad situation for holders of VRS, we cannot get any respect in the mkt,  mgmt seems to not give a hoot about shareholders, and the company missteps on AURA have came back to bite us. there seems to be...read more
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I just feel that the evaluation / price target for this stock is wrong..... This sector has no baseline..... Its my opinion but I believe that vrs is worth more than bank of America...... I'm no...read more
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RE:I have to agree, better opportunities elsewhere

I agree with you as i had said still holding some  however , for me it has worked out well that i cut my position and have made some decent gains in other areas, I still  believe in VRS  but now I can...read more
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RE:I have to agree, better opportunities elsewhere

Based on my luck and/or track record at buying stocks no matter what I buy it will go down so I might as well stay where I am and hope for a turn around. Buying elsewhere will just compound the loss...read more
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I have to agree, better opportunities elsewhere

you can take your pick, many many better bets than VRS at this point, but good luck if you do persevere here. I would move on, just my opinion.  rate and reply
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lottery ticket

Selling this stock now is like throwing away a winning lottery ticket .....u will never be smart enough to predict movement in this stock..... U just have to be patient....  rate and reply
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RE:so many better opportunities out there than VRS today

as the disappointment mounts   and lack of progress on share price, I have been slowly selling off a good portion of shares,   it has been a good move as the reinvestment in other areas seems to have...read more
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so many better opportunities out there than VRS today

my advice ...... put your hard earned money to work elsewhere  rate and reply
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Hey guys...looking for an update...

Haven't paid much attention to this one for (guessing) a year now.  Thought I'd focus elsewhere for a while.  I guess I haven't missed much looking at the share price. Question... Is there a clearer...read more
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RE:book a scan?

To clarify your post. The Aura devices are still out there and being used by the original clinics who first adopted the technology. The VRS website does not list the locations any longer due to some...read more
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RE:2,827,000 SHARES AT $0.17

Thats a very astute observation MarkBill83 join date Jan. 20th 2014 with 14 people ignoring you. Care to back up your statement with some more information?  rate and reply
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book a scan?

anyone esle notice that now on the website there is NO locations that is ZERO notta zip locations listed to book an Aura scan - there used to be like 4 or 5 last year but i guess  no more - anyone no...read more
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2,827,000 SHARES AT $0.17

DILUTION....  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:News For Those Who Still Care

I used to be in a business where I got to know the electronic manufacturing business quite well. Manufacturers do not swap debt for shares unless they are totally confident that they are not jumping...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:News For Those Who Still Care

this was all about paying a bill without effecting cash flow?  starfish took shares in lue of payment for inventoy produced from previous units.  EMO ? The likely positive is they have  future orders...read more
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RE:RE:RE:News For Those Who Still Care

the operative was "should be". Typically sp would come down but it could go either way because this more about a vote of confidence than it is about the bought deal.  rate and reply