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Verisante Technology, Inc V.VRS

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Medical Devices
Alternate Symbol(s):  VRSEF

Verisante Technology Inc is a medical device company. It commercializes systems for the early detection of cancer. Its products are the Verisante Aura(tm) for skin cancer detection & Verisante Core (tm) series for lung, colon & cervical cancer detection.
Price: $0.185 | Change: +$0.015 | %Change: +8.82%
Volume: 500 | Day High/Low: 0.185/0.185 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.35/0.13

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2.5 stars

RE:another feather in the hat...

AHhhhhaaa Some petty persons didn’t like the posts being rated as five stars…….That hurts! Good bit of news, thanks for posting!  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:More accolades... another small step in the right direction

If only the awards came with dollars attached .. we would have something to add to the bottom line.  rate and reply
3.5 stars

More accolades... another small step in the right direction

Nice to see more accolades.  Nicer to see a small appreciation in value.  I still believe this stock will have its day soon.  Short term 10 bagger, long term .... the Core product should be part of...read more
4 stars

Verisante Technology, Inc. Receives the 2014 North American.

Verisante Technology, Inc. Receives the 2014 North American Technology Innovation Leadership of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan May 20, 2014 VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Verisante Technology...read more
3.5 stars

another feather in the hat...

http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2014/05/20/verisante-technology-inc-receives-the-2014-north-american-technology-innovation  rate and reply
1 star

pot ? pot ?

did someone say we are getting into medical marijuana  ? alright things are looking up ! we can look forward to a new high ! regards r  rate and reply
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RE:Brutal ride

A wise person should also know he can get burned really bad handling a boiling pot. LoL  rate and reply
0 stars

Brutal ride

I remember seeing a comment that it has been a brutal ride (I think from Deccaman). It's only been a brutal ride if you've constantly watched the stock (and this bulletin board) day in and day out...read more
4.5 stars

like the Hab's Subban when he took that stupid minor

then jumped back into play and scored. Bum to hero in 2 minutes. All is forgiven. All it takes for VRS is one stellar event and we're off to races. When and where that may come from is a bit of...read more
0 stars

RE:Core promotion

SP was up most of the day today till someone on BMO decided to dump it back down around 2 pm.  rate and reply
5 stars

Core promotion

Great ad on BNN today for the Core device.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: newbie's

I used to own a company that held patents in the automotive battery management sector. What we leaned not to do in taking them to market was...read more
1 star

RE:RE:RE:RE: newbie's

gibb's my biggest beef is how they could screwup so may things in one QT  and the bad debt thing just plain bugs me. i have no issue with the technology and its importance to fight against cancer, but...read more
3.5 stars

RE:RE:RE: newbie's

deccaman, I know exactly how you feel.  Its such a good product at just the righ time at such a good price that I can't pass it by "just in case". I do know that stocks like this always have their day...read more
1 star

RE:RE: newbie's

yes, sure,  all of the  above !  thanks for the advice!   was out  $30 grand , lucky, i was able to get involved with some better choices and  recouped some of that to date . however, I still hold...read more
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RE:RE:go ahead keep beating this stock

you just never know do you?  rate and reply
4.5 stars

go ahead keep beating this stock

I want even cheaper shares. Under a dime would be ideal.  rate and reply
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is taking a bit of a beating..... I haven't been following it lately and just noticed it.  rate and reply
5 stars

RE: newbie's

Deccaman and his shares ! --- what are you really ? --- a disapointed shareholder, a sour looser, a  manipulator with a corrupted mind or just a short seller of VRS who wants his lost money back...read more
1 star


I think thats what we need right now< looking @ THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME, @.15 look pretty good.  new product line, FDA submission soon, world wide dist. peer awards,  whats not to like ? research...read more