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Verisante Technology, Inc V.VRS

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Medical Devices
Alternate Symbol(s):  VRSEF

Verisante Technology Inc is a medical device company. It commercializes systems for the early detection of cancer. Its products are the Verisante Aura(tm) for skin cancer detection & Verisante Core (tm) series for lung, colon & cervical cancer detection.
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is taking a bit of a beating..... I haven't been following it lately and just noticed it.  rate and reply
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RE: newbie's

Deccaman and his shares ! --- what are you really ? --- a disapointed shareholder, a sour looser, a  manipulator with a corrupted mind or just a short seller of VRS who wants his lost money back...read more
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I think thats what we need right now< looking @ THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME, @.15 look pretty good.  new product line, FDA submission soon, world wide dist. peer awards,  whats not to like ? research...read more
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RE:Will hold and increase position

it is one thing to have a plan and anther to exicute? the work been done by others,  BCA  is steller, the mkting exicution and dist network sucks.   so even with great products  they still have to get...read more
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Will hold and increase position

Although very disappointed in stock performance, I will continue to hold and add to position. Both Aura and Core are near completion in development and there is no argument about the great merits in...read more
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RE:Congratulations blah,

Just wanted to post this so everything is transparent.  Mr. Thomas A. Braun, BA, JD, LLM serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Verisante Technology, Inc. (Former Name: T-Ray Science,...read more
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can't ignore the mtk.   No reaction at all to this announcement.   regards  rate and reply
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I'll continue to ignore the naysayers and sit tightly while the team work away quietly in the background bringing amazing products to market. Check out the core here - https://www.facebook.com...read more
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Verisante Technology, Inc. Announces Milestone Completion of

May 13, 2013 Verisante Technology, Inc. Announces Milestone Completion of Core™ Commercial Prototype for the Detection of Lung Cancer COMPLETES RECERTIFICATION OF ISO CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY...read more
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RE:RE:dont worry

blahwhat... you have failed to mention that speculative  investors have taken their money and left  the TSX Venture Exchange in droves during the time period that you referenced. Management may have...read more
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Congratulations blah,

you are the first one in three years to mention Mr.Brauns first failed adventure. One of the reasons I was content in shorting this one as early as three years ago.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:roylties !

Ok! Peeping Tom, quit looking under the fat lady's skirt will yah!  rate and reply
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RE:RE:roylties !

It looks like the fat lady is around the corner. Oh yes, I told you so. Sorry guys. I hope you learn something about penny stocks and pumping job.....  rate and reply
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RE:RE:roylties !

It does look just plain dumb. BCA could be just plain shrewd though, saying if you want it, it costs you upfront. Sales or lack of are your problem, long as we gets our money…. It’s a tough go for new...read more
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RE:roylties !

just plain dumb?  they should have some clause  in that deal  where it  is paid out once payment is is recieved ?  they paid out  to BCA  royalties on 1/2 mill sales they are not going to collect on ?...read more
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RE:I heard they have a cleaning lady!!

http://weeg.ru/m3wi  rate and reply
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I heard they have a cleaning lady!!

Keelhaul the both of em.....and their little dog too...  rate and reply
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roylties !

how can we be paying out so much to BCA   when we haven't even made a dime yet ?  what kind of deal is that?  sure are a lot of leaky holes int his boat ! time to mutiny the captain and first mate ?  rate and reply
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Hugh Jackman

Maybe VRS can get Hugh Jackman to promote their cause: http://home.mytelus.com/p/news/source/news_cp/category/entertainment/article/28326149 They could use a poster child.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:dont worry

I made my decision in May 2010, and I will be here until fruition or otherwise. No one knows the future and I don’t second guess myself. A bike like Walt’s just ripped past the house and I think I’ll...read more