I am a long time holder here and after reading the various posts and watching what management has done with OUR money I am having trouble giving any support to them any longer. They HAVE raised enough money to drill and-- nothing.

I offered a solution to O'brien a couple of years ago and it seemed to fall on deaf ears. The jist of it was to present the idea to the Canadian government , or to the Quebec Government with the idea of making Canada foremost in the develoment of Vanadium products, eg, storage batteries and car batteries. The Company has the property with the high grade ore and the right experts on the board. It was at least worth a shot.

I have business experience and wouldn't hesitate to ask for government assistance as in a joint venture.

I have met people in business that seem to have a fear of success and I am afraid I have invested in one such person.  I really think O'Brien is reluctant to give up enough equity or control to further the project in order to have some outside funding. 

Hope they prove I am wrong as I have a few sheckles tied up.

If the stock goes down .02 cents tomorrow I will acknowledge the supreme power of these bullboards.