First, I know that nothing printed on the SH bullboards will affect anything in real life on any appreciable level.

Second, I know that most propects never have what it takes to be a mine.

Third, I know that the only thing I am in control of is my own conduct.

Fourth, I know most of my investment (gambling) choices haven't been profitable, and that a few really good ones have in fact subsidized the rest.

Fifth, I know that the only way my financial bottom line will advance is to keep working on finding good opportunities and avoiding the meaningless catfights on SH that waste so much time.

Sixth, that these drama laden, ALL CAPS RESPONSES are usually the work of a mentally unbalanced abusive bully, whose loser laden conduct would be best practiced safely from behind a keyboard.  It's never a good idea to stray far beyond your skill level.

Seventh, that anyone's identity can be discovered with two relatively inexpensive subpeonas, one to SH, the second to the ISP.

I will leave you with a very pointed statement in a Grace Jones version of a Pretenders song: