i guess we just see things differently because i'm just gambling on this stock.. as for the last second buying, i'm used to seeing that from these types of stock.. it is fishy for sure and there could be many reasons for it.. maybe they want ppl to think this stock is going up or maybe they just want to mess with our minds, we'll never know and i cant give you a concrete answer. all i know is if you believe in this stock, you'll just have to set a time limit and let it ride.. if the outcome isnt what you expected than you(any shareholder) should sell and move on.. imo this is a speculation stock, never put money you're not willing to lose in these kind of stocks.. i gamble with what i am willing to loss and i dont buy on the dips to average down anymore due to experiences from the past.. as for pat, i have no comment except "blah" lol  i could also care less about venture being a shareholder or not.. i only read the post when there is good info or a good debate.. i dont buy on peoples comments.. i do my own dd.. i see the potential but i do see managements lack of commitment to preserve shareholder interest/value. i guess what i'm trying to say is good luck to all of us and dont put all your eggs in one basket.. give some to me.. lol