And it appears he left with the money.

The last financials reveal $320k spent between "professional fees," wages, travel, promotion, and office in the 90 days covered by the statement. That's a lot of dosh for the very little activity, unless some sampling with little relevance to the creation of a viable, high confidence resource (sampling doesn't really cut it with resource engineers) the issuance out of milions of shares constitutes activity. BTW, was that an arms length transaction? The news releases didn't make it clear, and in the past at least there seems to have been a connection between officers of Victory and Minera Coppr Canyon (sole director for instance), and Fierce Investments of the Bahamas.  

The Statements also reveal $367,000 in payables and only $84,000 in cash. 

Well, at least the parties selling all the stock appear to be cashed up.