Excellent read on how over 600 Junior's have less that 200, 000 in the bank and have no hope of survival. For those new to Vms,  Vms is carried to production by jv partner Hudbay and will recieve 30% profits of production from Reed Lake Mine.  This will be millions in the Vms bank account.  The Reed lake mine will be in production by Q4.   Vms is positioned where most juniors will never be.   Also drilling commencing on their 100% owned properites in a few weeks.  This article is packed with an excellent summary of the future of juniors.  http://www.kaiserbottomfish.com/s/KaiserBlog.asp?ReportID=559842&_Type=Kaiser-Blog&_Title=Bracing-for-the-extinction-of-500-juniors-or-an-entire-institution